Monday, January 21, 2013


Wow, it's been a long time since I posted anything on here.  Not even sure if anyone still looks at my blog, but I got asked by two friends to complete some questions and both kids are asleep right now, so I actually have some time to spend on the computer, so here goes:

From Michelle:

1. How did you meet your husband?  We met in the Issaquah 4th singles ward
2. What is the first thing you do in the morning?  Look at the clock and wish I could keep sleeping
3. What is your favorite thing to do outside?  Walk or watch Brian play
4. What do you do to relax?  Nap or go on the computer
5. How long does it take you to get ready each day?  Depends on if I am leaving the house or not: 15 minutes if I'm not leaving the house after showering, probably 40 minutes if I am leaving the house
6. What is your favorite thing about your house?  Cheap rent and living close to family
7. What kind of toothpaste do you use?  Crest, I think... whatever Costco sells :)
8. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?  Wherever family is living, though Hawaii would be nice
9. Do you recycle?  Yep
10. What are your favorite pair of shoes?  I don't have many shoes... flip flops in the summer, my black slip on ones for any other time
11. Have you ever broken a bone?  Nope- just sprained my wrist and finger once

From Emily:

1. What is the most FUN thing you have ever done!?  Helicopter ride in Kauai
2. Name one thing you like about yourself?  I always hate this question... :)  Um, I like that I'm a clean and organized person
3. What do you want your kids to tell their grandkids about YOU one day when they are old and gray?  That I was a kind person who loved her family very much
4. What do you want most, but feel like today it is out of reach?  A full, uninterrupted nights sleep :)
5. What celebrity would you think your husband would say you look most like?  No idea... Ben doesn't know celebrity names
6. Where do you spend most of your everyday life?  At home
7. What is your favorite part of the day?  Nap time :) jk The weekend when I am holding/feeding Emily while watching Ben and Brian play. Or at night laying on the couch watching a show with Ben after the kids are in bed
8. What is the worst part of your day?  When Emily is crying and hungry and Brian is throwing a tantrum at the same time
9. Where would you go visit if you could go anywhere?  Hmm... Disney cruise, New Zealand, Ireland, Bahamas, too many to name
10. What accessory can you not live without?  I don't really accessorize... my hair dryer and straightener, I guess
11. Who was your favorite roommate in college? :)  Ha ha, my #402 girls- can't wait for Denver! :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Brian's baby brother or sister

We are excited to announce baby number 2 will be joining our family this December. :)  Their due date is 12/12/12- coolest due date ever! 

Brian not looking too excited, but he will be one day :)

Brian next to his paddle and the new baby's paddle up at Lopez Island

11 week ultrasound

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Two years

I thought I should record some things about Brian on his 2nd birthday, so we don't forget.

Favorite words:
Grandma (sounds a lot like Momma)
Thank you
No (or nope, but it comes out as mope)
Ready, set, go!
Outside (mostly just side)
Milk (but he says it as ulk)

Favorite things:
- Loves to stand on the couch and look out the window, especially if someone is mowing there lawn or their is a truck outside
- Whenever he hears a car or truck outside, he runs to the couch to look out the window, then says, "Papa? Papa?" When I tell him that Papa is at work, he says, "Grandma?" and we repeat this several times before he finally accepts that Papa and Grandma are not at our house
- He loves to run and "crash" into things, such as the back door, then says "crash" with a big smile on his face
- Loves to spin in the computer chair and will say, "ready, set, go" before we spin him
- He is working on learning to count, but mostly still just loves the number three
- Brian loves to go outside, but is still not sure about the grass. If he falls down on the grass, he has a really hard time putting his hands on the grass to help stand back up
- He has always loved to clean up- he will dump out blocks or toys so that he can clean them back up. He also loves to use the broom to clean up his messes after he throws food on the floor
- He LOVES milk and gets so excited when it's time for milk/bedtime (not always so excited about going to bed, but getting milk), but jumping up and down and clapping excited and repeating "ulk! ulk! ulk!" over and over again until he gets it
- Brian likes any food that my dad (Papa) likes: popcorn, peanuts, cashews, sunflower seeds, chips, etc. He gets really excited when my dad makes him popcorn, especially
- He loves to go to nursery at church (yay!) and tries to go in the room before it's time. The nursery leaders say he is really sweet, except for at snack-time and coloring time: he dumps his snack out of the bowl (we are working on that at home) and he will go and dump the crayons out of the bowls that the other kids are using- they say they have to "quarantine" him in his own area during those times. They say it's hard to get mad at him even when he's doing that since he's not doing it in a mean way, he just thinks it's fun
- Brian loves anything with buttons that makes noise- computers, radios, light switches, buttons in the car, books that make sounds, etc. He also loves to open and close things

I'm sure there is a lot more I can say about him, but I'll leave it at that. It has been a great two years since he joined our family and we love him so much!

Eating some snacks on his birthday yesterday

Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday, Brian!

Couple days old

6 months old

1 year old

18 months old

2 years old

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


We are excited for spring to get here! The other morning the sun was actually out so I opened our living room blinds and exclaimed, "Sunshine!" and Brian started copying me. The rest of the day he would excitedly say, "sunshine!" Don't mind his bed head- he has crazy hair in the morning!